Consistency in our disciplined approach translates into exceptional performance.

Learn more about the four key elements that comprise Bergman Real Estate Group’s investment philosophy:

1. Underwriting Discipline – Our “Cost=Value” pricing model minimizes downside risk by not relying on speculative rent growth. We believe that the inherent value of any property is no greater than current market rent, less the costs to acquire, improve the property and stabilize the occupancy.

2. Due Diligence – We undertake a thorough and intensive due diligence investigation that focuses on the unique details of each property including:

  • Evaluation of a building’s systems, physical conditions, and environmental history
  • Confirming the income and expenses
  • Interviewing the tenants
  • Determining required capital requirements.

3. Acquisition Financing – We work closely with select lenders and mortgage brokers, involving them early in the acquisition process—in many cases before due diligence. This allows us to secure financing with highly competitive rates and terms. Our relationships also result in a smoother due diligence process, including closing within the required timeframes.

4. Asset-Specific Management – We define the investment goals and objectives for each property with our financial partners, and then we aggressively implement asset-specific leasing and management strategies to achieve the business plan.